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Dagens karta 16: Koana Islands – del 2

Jag måste bara göra en uppföljning på mitt tidigare inlägg om Koana Islands. Nu har ParisLH, som grundaren kallar sig, även publicerat en världskarta med Ö-gruppen inlagd. Dessutom en satellitbild i dagsljus och en i nattljus. Se även sidan på Reddit.

Världskarta med Koana Islands
Världskarta med Koana Islands
Satellitbild över Koana Islands
Satellitbild över Koana Islands
Nattbild över Koana Islands
Nattbild över Koana Islands

Dagens karta 16: Koana Islands

Koana Islands
Koana Islands

En australiensare, Ian Silva, har ritat otroligt detaljerade kartor över en ö-nation som inte finns i verkligheten. Han har tänkt sig att den ligger i Indiska oceanen mellan Madagaskar, Indonesien och Australien. Ö-gruppen har 93 miljoner innevånare, 9 större städer, 11 nationalparker och en yta som är lika stor som Spanien och Sverige tillsammans.
Länk till högupplöst karta.

The Koana Islands, he explains, are located south of the equator roughly between Madagascar, Indonesia and Australia. It has thirteen states, and sprawls three climate zones. The population is mostly white, and speaks a language that is derived from mixing English and Swedish settlers. The country industrialized relatively late, but did so quickly, becoming the world’s best place to earn a living by the 1970s. It is routinely ranked among the world’s best countries to live. Civic engagement is high, and the country has an extensive public welfare system, including the famous public transit system. Crime is low, but if you find yourself trouble, you can dial 777 for assistance.

Man hittar många ortsnamn som liknar svenska och engelska och så borde det ju vara om han tänker sig att det var svenska och engelska bosättare som befolkade öarna. I en artikel på finns mycket mer information.
Det finns även kartor över några städer och järnvägsnätet. Delstaternas flaggor och alla kartor finns på här.


Megopolis centrum
Megopolis centrum

* Megopolis, the nation’s capital, is also its cultural, financial, and commercial center.
* The City Library near Auklanda was the first public library opened in the Koana Islands.
* Newtown is where all the ”hip” twenty-somethings like to hang out and is a great place to spend a day shopping in the boutique stores and sipping lattes. Many boat cruises leave from here too.
* Rylett is best known for it’s fish market overlooked by skyscrapers.
* Aquul City contains one of the largest shopping centres in the Koana Islands and the southern hemisphere.
* Gothica Stadium is home to the Megopolis Titans baseball team, the most successful team in Koana Baseball history. Tour’s of the stadium operate on non-game days only.
* MegoRena is home to the Downtown Metros baseball team, tours operate every day, except public holidays.
* Ubique Centre is the home ground of the Black Island Eagles football team, located barely a kilometre from Eastfield Arena where the Megopolis Thunder football team play.
* Stonham has the citibank Tower that is over 110 stories tall and gives superb views of the city and it’s surroundings. Inlet & View is the closest subway station.

KoanaTag System


The Republic of Koana Islands’ national rail system has 326 local routes, and nine high speed connections.



* Vizhune Grand Spa. Rejuvenate your mind, body & soul with a wide variety of spa treatments from this spa. Services include a salon, relaxing body treatments, hydrating facials, & “just for kids” treatments.
* Vizhune Grand Golf Course, Awarded the Four Star Award by Golf Digest, Vizhune Grand Golf Course is one of the most challenging golf courses in the Vizhune area and blends desert target golf with traditional links.
* Vizhune Grand Athletic club is one of the top fitness facilities in
* Vizhune with weight rooms, fitness classes, a heated lap pool, indoor racquetball court, golf instruction and personal training instruction.
* Senniy Peak. Right in the middle of Vizhune lies Mountains Park. The park offers a strenuous half hour hike to the top of Senniy Peak (elevation 495 m), offering fantastic 360° views of the city and its surrounding environment. Especially during the hot summer months (up to 110-115°F/43°C in the afternoon), use caution and bring lots of water and a hat. There is no shade and parts of the trail can be quite steep and rocky. The Park also has several picnic areas.
* Vizhune Symphony. The city’s classical and pops orchestra, presenting a 25-week season of concerts.
* Vizhune Opera. Presenting a season of five grand opera productions, with emphasis on Verdi, Puccini, and Mozart.
* Vizhune Theatre Company. Professional theater in downtown Vizhune’s theater complex.
* Vizhune Vipers. One of the best professional baseball teams in the Koana Islands. They play out their games at Viper Field which has a capacity of 44,400, with a retractable roof, air conditioning, and even a swimming pool available for rental.

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