The private roads in Sweden are approximately 75 % of all roads and 60 % of all joint fac­ilities include roads. Costs for maintenance for private roads are divided between the fellow pro­perty unit´s with different participatory shares according to how much they use the road.

The purpose of this report has been to study how the cost-sharing works in joint property mana­gement associations for private roads both in theory and in reality.

In section 2 and 3 a literature review has been done that describes past and current law in this matter. The focus has been on issues related to private roads and the costs and changes in cir­cum­stances for them. A number of joint property management associations for private roads have been investigated and contacted to find out what they think of the current sys­tem of cost sharing and how it works in reality.

The result of the work shows that the investigated associations think that the system for cost sharing is working well and is generally considered fair. Half of the associations had chang­ed the conditions in ways that made it necessary to change the participatory shares. Usually it was because of changes in the use of land or other changes in property unit´s. Only in a few cases have associations had problems with non-payment from members.


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